Related products

Based on micro:bit to develop the related products: Hellobot, Smart robot car, starter kit, tailed-made expansion board, etc. Create anything, from a detecting robot to a temperature or light sensing science experiment - the possibilities are endless!

Related products

Based on Raspberry Pi to develop the related products: Raspberry Pi 4WD smart car, Raspberry Pi smart tank, Raspberry Trikebot smart car, Raspberry Pi ecpansion board, camera platform, etc, powerful and interesting!

Related products

Based on Arduino to develop the related products: Arduino 2WD smart car and starter kit 2in1, 2WD balancing robot, Bat car, 4WD/6WD smart robot, smart tank, various types of starter kits, a number of compatible development board, etc, abundant and creative!

APP control of mobile phone

By Bluetooth App, you can achieve multiple gameplay, like line patrol, tracking, ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, etc.

Computer programming software

Graphical programming: block programming; easy learning programming; easy finishing programming.

C/python: It is a widely used programming method that provides corresponding product programming code

Data + Video

Abundant teaching videos, electronic documents and other data, to show you how to make the robots do what you tell them to!


Our products are STEM education products, which can train children's hands-on ability and independent thinking ability. They are enlightening teachers for learning programming.

Product series

Smart robot series and starter kits series showcase: A variety of robot cars with different shapes and structures; Starter kits based on different controllers to inspire all kinds of interesting functions.

Our team

Shenzhen Yahboom Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specialized in open source hardware and maker education. We have two Enterprise Concept: turn ideas into reality and Let more children become maker. Company's products now have covered early childhood education,intelligent robot education,university automation technology education, and so on. In addition,the company provides long-term help and products for colleges and training institutions to develop a training program.