Raspberry Pi

Acrylic protective case for Raspberry Pi camera

Yahboom HD Camera Module Smart Vision Sensor Pan-Tilt Kit with 2 Pcs SG90 Micro Servos for Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi 5MP 1080p Night Vision Camera Module with two flashlight

3.5 inch resistive touch screen TFT LCD display Kit for Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+,2B,B+

Yahboom G1 smart tank robot kit for Raspberry Pi with WIFI camera (without Raspberry Pi 3B+)

Yahboom Trikebot smart robot for Raspberry Pi with WIFI camera(without Raspberry Pi 3b+)

Yahboom 4WD smart robot for Raspberry Pi 3B+ with WIFI camera(without Raspberry Pi 3B+ )

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+


Yahboom Micro:bit piano expansion board

Yahboom micro:bit basic game handle (without micro:bit)

Yahboom building:bit block kit based on micro:bit( without micro:bit)

Micro:bit RGB LED halo expansion board (with battery)

Yahboom Gamepad Joystick Breakout Board for BBC Micro:bit(without micro:bit)

Yahboom micro:bit smart robot car with IR and Bluetooth App (without microbit)

Yahboom HelloBot micro:bit STEM smart robot basic version (without microbit)

Yahboom micro:bit starter kit for beginner (with microbit)


Yahboom Arduino Uno R3 basic starter kit

Yahboom Arduino Uno R3 sensor starter kit

Yahboom Smartduino starter kit and smart robot 2in1 for Arduino Uno R3

Yahboom G1 Arduino smart robot tank

Yahboom Arduino RTR balance smart robot

Yahboom BAT smart robot for Arduino Uno R3

Yahboom Professional 6WD Arduino smart robot kit

Yahboom 4WD Arduino Uno R3 smart robot